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Mary V.

Mary from "ChickswithPicks". Playing for us last week.

This Week's Roast

La Luisa Estate

Located high in the Andean mountains of Colombia (1,700 masl), this estate is one of the oldest in the south-west region of Antioquia.



Larry Erickson's Gravity Art

Featuring work from Larry Erickson, who is now showing his pieces throughout Phoenix. 

Your Community Coffee House

Terra Java is going through yet another transformation. The vision for the local coffee house includes a craftsmanlike sophistication- a place where people can learn about coffee, indulge in the finest of beans, and enjoy friends, art, and community. 

Starting in September, our lead Barista Bobby Keller will conduct a series of coffee knowledge classes. In an intimate setting, you will learn what the color, sheen, odor, and feel of a bean really means. You will learn about all of the elements that affect the taste of coffee:  water, air, milk, tools, and grind. 

Bobby was raised in Guatemala City, Guatemala, where he learned the craft of coffee farming, preparation, and service. Bobby has competed in several Barista competitions such as the Guatemala Annual Barista Competition and the South Western Regional Barista Competition. Those of you that know him understand his knowledge is unsurpassed and he takes great care in sharing his passion with others. So we hope you will sign-up for an upcoming class. (classes are limited to 6 people).


Fantastic singers from the band "Hollow". Hoping to see them back again soon when a monsoon isn't coming through town. Very professional and quality singers. 





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